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Instructions for creating and saving your song

  1. First, choose a song model by clicking on the CURRENT SONG icon and selecting one among the list.
  2. Press the record button and create your performance using the robots ON/OFF functions and the keyboard.
  3. When you feel like you have reached the end of your performance, press the stop button.
  4. You can listen to your performance to make sure it’s up to your standard by pressing the play button.
  5. When you are satisfied, click the floppy disk button to reach the SAVE/LOAD menu.
  6. Click the SAVE button and wait for the app to give you a secret code. Write this code on a piece of paper as you will need it later to retrieve your song. (You can also share your code with a friend of teacher!) Click BACK to go back to BeatBots.
  7. Next time you come here, click the floppy disk button and enter your code with the screen keyboard. Click LOAD and your song will be back into Beatbots memory!