Xylobotic 2. Advanced (FREE 3 PIECES SAMPLE PACK)

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The french version of this book is available at www.renardguitare.com

Teaching Orff instruments at elementary level? Welcome to the universe of Xylobotic!

Xylobotic’s exercises and pieces are meant to help developing a variety of essential aspects when playing barred instruments.

Accompanied by fun and robot-themed backing tracks, your students will develop skills such as staff reading, hands alternance, ascending and descending melodies, listening and repeating, tempo stability and more.

In addition, every track is meant to stimulate the students imagination and have them visit various universes. Some teachers will even recognize some classic gaming console’s syntesizers such as atari’s or nintendo’s!

Included in this sample pack:

  • 3 mp3 files : exercices and pieces WITH xylophone sound
  • 3 mp3 files : exercices and pieces WITHOUT xylophone sound
  • 1 pdf file : sheet music in treble clef notation

Pieces included in this sample pack:

  • 01 Typewriter
  • 09 Hyperspeed
  • 13 Perils

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  1. 01 Typewriter (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:31
  2. 02 Andromeda (excerpt) Doctor Musik 1:02
  3. 03 Trills (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:49
  4. 04 Iron Heart (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:47
  5. 05 Takeoff (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:57
  6. 06 Echos (excerpt) Doctor Musik 1:13
  7. 07 Pistons (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:38
  8. 08 Spyware (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:54
  9. 09 Hyperspeed (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:37
  10. 10 Parallel Circuit (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:36
  11. 11 Supersonic (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:52
  12. 12 Debugging (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:42
  13. 13 Perils (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:57
  14. 14 Jet Pack (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:54
  15. 15 Investigation (excerpt) Doctor Musik 0:43
  16. 16 Function Improvise (excerpt) Doctor Musik 1:02